rené schulz

René Schulz is an freelance editor and director living in Berlin.

Some people call him “Crazy René”.

It all started when his grandpa bought a videocamera which he allowed his grandson to use. René Schulz was 12 years old, and his fascination with moving pictures and stories had found a release valve. It didn’t take long until he got his very own first film camera, a Sanyo 8mm. At the Bavarian Academy for Television (BAF), he specialized in video camera and started editing on what was at that time the one and only editing equipment – Avid.

He had discovered the next step in the process of filmmaking: editing. Shortly thereafter, René started working as an editor at Filmhaus. As he tells us: “It was Filmhaus that brought me to Berlin, the “Mecca of Madness, Freedom and Distortion”. I had found my home! It was the turning point in my life. I spent all my days working as a freelance editor, and all my nights making films.”

Camera work in Mexico for the dokumentation from Alan Rexroth
„El Elefante Blanco“ (2011)


“I’m a mutilated child of the do-it-yourself-subculture. No restrictions, but redefining and letting your mind run wild. (The Cavernous, the Broken, the Destroyed – all signs of life – are at the same time my demons and my inspiration.) The drive to create would lead me anywhere. The world is my playground “.